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Friday, 29 November 2013

Best Shop Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi


Playing cards are a very fun game when played at leisure time but this game can also change many lives if played in casino or gambling because if won then it can give us a big fortune and make us millionaires overnight but if lost then it can break us financially leaving us without a penny. So, proper care has to be taken when it is about money and gambling depend on luck which cannot be controlled by anyone but this a modern era anything can be done in this with the help of science and technology and it can help you win million of money if used perfectly in gambling and other card games.

Gambling can either ruin someone or make a fortune for someone and mostly in casinos people lose their money but with the product that we are talking about can make you win every card game you play and no one will even think that you are cheating as it is the spy cards which has been consistently used abroad to win games in casinos and become rich only in one night. 

Now, that the Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi are now made available, they can be used to play and win each and every card game of yours because they are marked but not by any normal inks which everyone can see but which can be seen only if there are special lights or by some contact lenses which are provided with the cards. Now, whenever you go out to play then you can ask to use your specialized cards and as soon as you start playing with these cards you will know which cards the other players have and this knowledge will make you win every game and when you are sure that you can win every game make all your bets higher and higher and when you return home you will be as rich as a millionaire.


Again, there are some cards which comes with special lenses which can be fitted into objects which can be placed on the table while playing the game like mobile phones, watches etc which can see the secret marks over the cards and the cards are also loaded with soothsayer which can inform you to the invisible earpiece which will be with you and that will be powered with Bluetooth in your watch or phone. The Spy Cheating Playing Cards in India now can be found in the regular spy stores and online stores which deals in spy products and gadgets and it is easy to buy from them because they offer services like free shipping and payment through all debit and credit cards and every other net banking options.

So, now buy these products and control your own luck to win millions of money that too by playing cards.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Best Hidden Lenses For playing Cards in Delhi India


Hidden Lenses For Various Items

Hidden camera inside of them, can scan the hidden code of playing cards and transfer related info to soothsayer (Close Range 30-50cm )
According to customer needs, The lens can be put in anything you need, such as Lighter, Purse, Phone, Watch, Key chain and other such carry on objects..

There are some marks in every piece of the back of playing card. You can know the Playing Cards by identify the marks on the back of the playing cards by using this specially processed contact lens. These cards are specially process by our technology of real luminous mark. This is the only type in the world that could be marked onto any colors of cards, which is far more advanced than regular juice shadow mark sold by other website.


Support for all Playing Cards games.
Use the hidden headphones to receive automatic reporting about the size and color points with the help of Smooth Sayer.
The Playing Cards Soothsayer reports points automatically about how to beat out the color, and then people will Win the game most possibly.
All brand mobile phone is optional, You can also bring your own mobile phone to process. The Playing Cards Soothsayer is easier to use for cell phone batteries. It is no need to worry about a sudden power failure in the game as long as there are a few of portable multi-band cell batteries.

The phone can make a call, send text messages, listen to music etc. You could not find any flaws in the new version of the Playing Cards Soothsayer even you are first touch of ordinary mobile phones. There is a scanning hidden camera with the Playing Cards Soothsayer (you can also choose the lens; such as: lens in wristband, lens in belt, etc.)
No need to put the poker in neatness or focus, direction
A group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games
Single operation, no need the cooperation of background, reporting voice automatically, fast speed.
You can move the lens in your device to anywhere you want, but they are for close range, effect range is 30cm - 60cm.
The lens are used to scan the Playing Cards , clearly and fast.