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Monday, 30 March 2015

Different Spy Playing Cards Cheating Devices in Delhi India

If you are looking for a gadget that can assist you in winning a poker game then following devices will be of your great help. The device can be used in any playing card game whether it is Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker or any other game.

·     Marked Cards-Marked cards looks like an ordinary cards which are served while playing a card game. There are certain marks at the back of the marked cards. The marks are numbers printed at the front side of the cards. After having a look at the marks you can decide your next move in order to win the respective game. The marks are printed with the luminous technology are visible through soft contact lens only.

·         Soft Contact Lens-The poker soft contact lens or prospective glasses are worn in eyes. The glasses enable the player to see the numbers marked at the back of the marked card. The device emits white light on the marks and thus the marks are visible to the person. All types of Spy Playing Card Cheating Devices in Delhi are available online and at offline spy stores.

Playing Card Soothsayer- Playing soothsayer machine scans the playing card completely and reports the scanned information to the player via headphones. After knowing about the card served before player can decide his next card. The will eventually lead him towards the victory.

·      Mini Earphone- Mini earphone or micro earpiece is a small and tiny headphone which a player can conceal in his ears. The device also has inbuilt microphone, which allows the player to communicate with his partner from who he could take the assistance to win the respective game.

·         GSM Neckloop-GSM Neckloop is worn around the neck. The device is inductive transmitter that transmits audio message from the micro earphone to the phone of the other person who can guide you while playing the casino game.

·        Hidden lens in phone-Like soothsayer the lens and soft contact lens the gadget scan the playing card and transmit the information to player’s ear through micro earpiece.

·         Cheating Playing Card-Playing cheating cards are similar to marked cards. They also assist you in cheating while playing the respective casino game. Buy online best shopping price Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Mumbai India.

·         New K3 Analyzer- New K3 Analyzer is the latest addition in the list of playing card cheating devices. It is an all-in-one poker analyzer, the device is also known as poker soothsayer and poker predictor.

If you are looking for a gadget that can assist you in winning poker game then devices such as marked cards, playing card soothsayer, new K3 analyzer and etc will be of your great help.

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