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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Best Cheating Marked Playing Cards Shop in Mumbai, Gujarat India

A friend of mine is an ace gambler; he hasn’t lost a single game yet. I was so taken back with his winning quality that one day I asked him that how he manages to win each game despite of playing with professionals. He told me that luck is in his favor and so the victory is. But I knew that is not the actual reason since every time luck cannot be his side and moreover it cannot be a mere coincidence.

To find out the real reason behind his victory I accompanied him to the casino. As usual the game started. Cards were served; players were briefed up with the rules of the game and participants kept their money which they were supposed to put for battings. Who so ever will win the game, the money will be his. The game started with opponent player after swapping his card, he put card on the table and then followed by my friend. And in the same way the game continued and once again my pal won the game and took the entire money.

Even after observing him very closely, I could not find how he won the game, despite of the fact that the opponent player was a veteran. So once again I asked the same question from him and I was fortunate this time, since he explained me the ideal way to win poker game or should I say an ideal device which makes you win every game.

He showed me two poker cards and asked me to differentiate between the two, but I couldn’t distinguish one card from the other and got confused. Later he explained the difference and told me that one is an ordinary poker card and another is a marked card .He also showed me the hidden marks inked at the back of the marked cards. At the first I could not see the marks with the naked eyes then he gave me soft contact lens and after wearing them I could easily see the imprints. The Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Gujarat are available online and offline at spy shops.

The imprints were nothing but a guide for player, which assist him to play the game efficiently and subsequently the player wins the game. The cards were used seamlessly without catching anyone’s attention. In this way he used to win every single game. The cards are easy to use and even a beginner can use them. You can buy Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Mumbai from the reputed dealer and supplier of playing cards cheating devices.

The content is about how my friend used to win every game of poker by employing marks cards. Since these cards are similar to the ordinary cards therefore he used them seamlessly and won the game.

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